Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mid-July Update for Open Spots

Here's an update on some of our in progress DK/sport weight blankets that still have open spots. You can contact me on Ravelry (motherhenknits) or on KnittingHelp (suziehomemaker).

Little Bitty Pretty One (girlie colors)
2nd open spot
3rd open spot
mother hen knits
5th open spot
6th open spot
border patrol

Once this blanket is filled up with knitters I plan to start 4 more :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time for a change


It has been two years since the Northeast Oddball Knitters Group was founded, and it is time for me to step down from the organizing. Since our inception, we have completed 66 worsted weight blankets and 54 DK weight blankets - and there is no end in sight!

The fantastic MotherHenKnits and hamham have agreed to also take over the DK blanket side of our group, for as long as we all want to continue making the wonderful little treasures.

For the time being, I am happy to continue to collect the finished DK weight blankets and keep bringing them to the CHOP Special Delivery Unit, but if someone else wants to bring them elsewhere that would be terrific, too.

I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your creativity, dedication, hard work, dollars spent on supplies and postage, and countless hours spent knitting and crocheting these little oddball tokens of love. They mean so very much to all of the recipients.

For now, I will continue to work on those blankets that are still in circulation, and will help out with knitting when I can. And I’ll continue to hound those who are holding onto our blankets, until they all come home!

Thank you for allowing me to have this wonderful opportunity.

Here is my last update of DK blanket progress:

Salt Water Taffy (taffy colors)
Spikey (done, Bernat Softee Baby in Pink, Double Seed Stitch)
Stitchermom (Ravelry) (done)[MIA!]
gmmarton (awaiting arrival)
SteveDallas (border guard)

Weekend Warrior (green, gold, blue, white in honor of sarahbean's school colors)
Spikey (done)
stevedallas (done)
knitterluvspurls (awaiting arrival)
justbeth (will also crochet border)

Earth and Sky (blue, white, brown, green)
hamham (done)
Spikey (done)
gmmarton (done)
missyjoon (done) MIA!!
joie919 (awaiting arrival)
mdc550 [
border patrol]

Seaside Sky
Spikey (done)
wooljane (awaiting arrival)
knead2knit (last knitter and
border patrol)

Lemonade (yellow, pink, white)
sugarmagknowya (done)

Spikey (done)

motherhenknits (done)
missyjoon (working) MIA!!
gmmarton (will also crochet border)

Lovely (lavender, purple, white)
Spikey (done)

stevedallas (done)
emerald (done)
missyjoon (working) MIA!!
hamham (last knitter and border patrol)

Land and Sea (blue, green)
LaraBoBara (done)

gmmarton (done)

Spikey (done)
mdc550 (awaiting arrival)(border patrol)

Tropical Sunshine (tropical colors)
Spikey (done)

mdc550 (done)
angie19130 (done) MIA!!
knead2knit (awaiting arrival)
Beepr (last knitter and border patrol)

Terrapin - our Maryland Blanket (red, black, gold/yellow, white)

Spikey (done)
knead2knit (done)
MotherHenKnits (done)
sugarmagknowya (working)
mdc550 (last knitter and border patrol)

Macaroon - all one yarn, blue, beige, white, green, and brown
Spikey (done)
colbysmimi (working)
Vertigo1414 (last knitter and border patrol)

Peony - white, pink, green, and orange
Spikey (done)
wooljane (done)
MotherHenKnits (done)
cherr1979 (awaiting arrival)
hamham (last knitter and border patrol)

Lilac - purples, white, greens
cherr1979 (done)
Spikey (working)
knead2knit (last knitter and border patrol)