Monday, May 20, 2013

End of May update

As the year moves along, so does our list of completed blankets.  We have made it to 11 completed DK weight blankets!!!

1.) Lavender Lullaby
2.) Sprinkles
3.) Hanky Panky
4.) Tickled Pink
5.) Dive Deep
6.) Sherbert II
7.) Be Squared
8.) Playtime
9.) Nutcracker Suite
10.) Cotton Candy II
11.) Pansies

I think it is so much fun to see this list grow as we work together completing these beautiful little blankets that will be cherished by a special family.  
There are also 22 DK weight blankets is progress - so we are moving along towards our goal of 50 completed DK weight blankets for 2013.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Progress towards our 2013 goals

The year is rolling by and so is our progress towards our goal of 50 completed blankets in 2013.

As of right now we have 3 completed DK weight blankets:
1.) Lavender Lullaby
2.) Dive Deep
3.) Tickled Pink

We also have 19 DK weight blankets currently in progress:
1.) Cotton Candy II
2.) Mint Chocolate Chip
3.) Rubber Ducky II
4.) Moving Day
5.) Spring Has Sprung
6.) Ice Cream Cone
7.) Nutcracker Suite
8.) Lots of Lemons
9.) Pansies
10.) Take Me Out to the Ballgame
11.) Twice As Nice
12.) Sweet & Sunny
13.) Boy, Oh Boy!
14.) Girl Talk
15.) Yikes Stripes
16.) Sherbet II
17.) Playtime
18.) Baby Sherbet
19.) Let the Sun Shine

I think that is a pretty impressive list!! - What do you think?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We are making AMAZING progress towards our 2013 goals!!

As of today there are 13 completed worsted weight blankets and 3 completed DK weight blankets.  So we are on a roll!

Due to the number of blankets and hamham continuing to heal from her injury, I will temporarily be accepting both the completed DK weight blankets and the Worsted Weight blankets to get them ready for delivery. 

If there is anyone interested in accepting the worsted weight blankets to get them ready for distribution, I would be happy to share the load.  It is a big job to accept them, which includes washing the blankets so they are free from any odors or hair.  Loose ends also need to be woven in and the person that receives the blankets needs to go through and check that there are no loose stitches or stitches that have been missed and make any necessary repairs.  If anyone is up for the challenge I am happy to share, if not I have no problem keeping things going.

You all do such an AMAZING job making these Oddball blankets into works of art!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Moving along in 2013

I can't believe it is already January 23, 2013.  This year is flying by already!!

As we look forward to what 2013 has to offer us all, I think it would be great if we set some goals here on the DK Weight Preemie blanket blog.  

In 2012 this amazing group completed 36 blankets!!  I think that deserves major applause.

I know I mentioned this in our thread on - but I think that together we can create 50 blankets in 2013.  

What do you think, can we do it?!

With the help of our new members on board, it gives us more hands working on these precious preemie blankets and keeping them moving along.

~As Knead2knit has stepped down as moderator for the DK Preemie weight Oddballs, I just want to give her a big thanks for all of her hard work and dedication to the group.  She did an incredible job thinking things moving along.  We look forward to Christine staying on board and helping knit along when she has time. ~