Tuesday, August 26, 2008

End of August Update

Hi Northeasters!
Great job on these preemie blankets so far. Can't wait to get in some more updated pictures - hint, hint!

Tiny Dancer
is a new blanket started by LHFBM/LadyKrowyn. It will have girly, feminine, colors like pink, purple, yellow, and green. I'm in! Who else is ready for some full on girlness?

Here's the progress so far on our other blankets:

Special Delivery (pastel colors)

Spikey (done, Bernat Softee Baby)
gmmarton (done,
Moda Dea's Cherish, Ice Mint, Waffle stitch)
onb4050 (done)


kellee0302 [will also crochet border]

Pastel Rainbow (all garter stitch)

[pink] (done, Bernat Softee Baby)
bobi1218 (Ravelry)
[peach] (done)
[yellow] (working)
LHFBM [blue]

SteveDallas [lavender] learning crochet, just to make our border! Thanks, SteveDallas!!

Salt Water Taffy (taffy colors)

Spikey (done, Bernat Softee Baby in Pink, Double Seed Stitch)
Stitchermom (Ravelry) (done)
tuxedocat (Ravelry)
SteveDallas will crochet a border!

Rainbow Sherbet (pink, green, cream, yellow)

gmmarton (done,
Waffle Stitch, Bernat Softee Baby, Baby Pink Marl)
threesmom (done)

LHFBM/LadyKrown (Ravelry) (working)

suziehomemaker/MotherHenKnits (Ravelry)
CabinGirlPA (Ravelry)
mdc550 [will crochet our border]

Tutti Frutti (pink, yellow, blue, white)
gmmarton (done,
Bernat's Softee Baby Tutti Fruitti, Farrow Rib stitch)
threesmom (done, Hurdle Stitch-in honor of the Olympics)

stitchermom (ravelry)

MGM [will crochet our border]

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